topography is an emerging internet-based network of young architects, founded in may 2004. currently it has seventeen members (BAD-AMERICA / BAD-ASIA / BAD-EUROPE).
the team composition varies from project to project: e.g. the project DE-tro-IT was developed by BAD-INN and BAD-OSL. a different project, library competition was developed by four cells (BAD-INN,
each cell also acts independently on a regional/local basis with own projects, whereas a BAD-project has to be developed by at least two cells.
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version 1.0 released 20.01.2005
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§ 1 BAD mission
§ 1.1 All bad firms have a mission statement, so do we...
§ 1.1.1 BAD is not an architecture office.
§ 1.1.2 is an emerging open network [§ 2] , encouraging communication [§ 3] between young architects. BAD is trying to enable a theoretical discourse, and a project-related communication between the members [§ 4]. The basis for the experiment of an alternative way for project collaborations is the internet. The team composition varies from project to project [§ 5], and decision-making is based on simple democrazy© [§ 6].
§ 1.1.3 The correct official spelling is: ""
§ 1.1.4 The origin of the BAD name is top secret.
§ 1.1.5 BAD was founded in May 2004, with initially 7 members in 4 countries.
§ 1.2 The driving force of BAD is fun. BAD tries to embed a ludic principle in all its activities.
§ 2 BAD network topography
§ 2.1 BAD is a network of cells.
§ 2.2 Each cell has a geographic location or topos.
§ 2.2.1 BAD's way of communicating is virtual, but its coverage is territorial.
§ 2.2.2 As an abstract map of the BAD territorial coverage, a hexagon map is used.
§ 2.2.3 The smallest unit of the map is the individual hexagon ( 50 km across).
§ 2.2.4 Each cell of BAD starts in the hexagon that corresponds to its geographical location.
§ 2.2.5 Each cell cover the same number of hexagons as their number of members.
§ 2.2.6 Each cell can consist of maximum 7 hexagons or members.
§ 2.2.7 Only one cell can lay claim to a given hexagon, so the limit in cellmembers means also a limit to ground area, putting topos above demography, and periphery equal to centre.
§ 2.3 A new cell is formed when a member is admitted from an area with no existing cells.
§ 2.3.1 A new cell gets a name in the form "bad-XYZ", with the 3 letters forming a code for its location, like bad-INN (innsbruck) or bad-MIL (milan)
§ 3 BAD communication
§ 3.1 The main medium for BAD internal communication is the internet.
§ 3.1.1 All mail is sent out to all other members.
§ 3.1.2 Project correspondance is the exception. It is only shared by the involved cells.
§ 3.2 The BAD communication has to have the highest standard! Each member is responsible for a fast and efficient information flow in the network!
§ 4 BAD members
§ 4.1 Only architects can become full members of BAD.
§ 4.1.1 Non architects can only become affiliated partners of the network.
§ 4.1.2 You can only become a member of BAD until you turn 40 years
§ 4.2 Every architect is allowed to apply according to the BAD tractatus as (hereafter) amended, or can be requested by individual BAD members.
§ 4.2.1 An applying architect has to fill out the application form on
§ 4.2.2 The application will be sent to all members at that time. If there will be no veto by any of the members for 14 days, a new hexagon will appear on the BAD network topography [§ 2].
§ 4.2.3 According to § 2 the hexagon will form a new BAD cell, or joins an existing cell.
§ 4.3 BAD members have no duties towards the BAD-network, except § 3.2!
§ 5 BAD projects
§ 5.1 A project becomes an authorized BAD project only if more than one BAD cell is involved.
§ 5.1.1 Any member can take the initiative to start a new project.
§ 5.1.2 Participation in projects are voluntary and based on the members own interests.
§ 5.2 A BAD project is numbered with a three digit code starting with 001 and ascending chronologically.
§ 5.2.1 The project also recieves a vector logo concisting of lines drawn between the participating cells.
§ 5.3 In case of disputes, the cell with greatest physical proximity to the project area can take charge of the practical and administrative aspects of the project.
§ 6 BAD democrazy© decisionmaking
§ 6.1 A democrazy prozess, is the simple prozess of decisionmaking within the BAD network.
§ 7 [reserved for further needs]
§ 8 [reserved for further needs]
§ 9 [reserved for further needs]
§ 10 fuck the law!
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