topography is an emerging internet-based network of young architects, founded in may 2004. currently it has seventeen members (BAD-AMERICA / BAD-ASIA / BAD-EUROPE).
the team composition varies from project to project: e.g. the project DE-tro-IT was developed by BAD-INN and BAD-OSL. a different project, library competition was developed by four cells (BAD-INN,
each cell also acts independently on a regional/local basis with own projects, whereas a BAD-project has to be developed by at least two cells.
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workshops[at] are looking for partner institutions, who would like to organize student workshops in collaboration with Therfore please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!
info[at] if you want us to post anything (news / accidents in architecture / lectures / exhibitions / or other boring stuff) just send an email!
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